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Our acoustical products can help improve the sound quality across many types of environments.


Recording Studio

Acoustic panels can not only add to the aesthetics of a room, it will also improve the sound quality within that space, so that you are able to create and produce music effectively. Our acoustic panels help to mitigate and control the unwanted echoes and reverbs in a room. 

Podcast Studio

A podcast studio requires premium sound quality. With podcasting you need to control the echoes and background noise within the room. You can turn any room into a podcast studio with proper acoustical treatments. 

Vocal Booth

To prevent outside noise from polluting the sound quality while recording, you need to design a vocal booth or isolation room free of any anomalies to the voice or instruments. 

Practice Room  

Practice rooms are designed to keep sound from moving from one room to another. They typically need both soundproofing and sound absorption. 



Home Theater

Premium sound quality is important in a home theater. Adding panels you will be able to control the reverb, while capturing and converting the echoes in the room, helping to clean up the sound quality. 


The wall in your apartment can sometimes feel thin and less private than you'd like. With our acoustic panels and proper treatment, your neighbors conversations stay in their apartment, while you won't have to worry about bothering them with your TV watching. It will also reduce sounds from that loud HVAC system, drain pipes, and other noise from outside your windows. 

Living Room 

With our Art Acoustics and Acoustic Drapes, you can have a well decorated room, while treating those unwanted echoes and reverberations. 

Home Office 

Mid and high end frequencies are the most common sound waves produced in an office. Hanging a few of our acoustic panels will absorb and reduce the echoes and reverberations in the room. 


General Office Space

Sound absorption panels help limit sounds that carry throughout the office. It keeps the sound from bounce freely throughout the space. 


One common complaint about hotel stays is noise issues. Sound of your neighbor playing music, loud conversations, or snoring all night. Adding some acoustic panels will ensure that your guest have a pleasurable stay in your hotel. 

Conference Room 

Clarity of speech is of utmost important in conference room setting. cleaning up those unwanted reverberations and echoes that bounce off hard surfaces and can cause distortion of sound signals that affect communication within the space. 


A series of sound absorbing panels your space, the noise created by customers and staff will be captured and converted back out the room, restoring premium sound quality, while creating a great dining experience for you customers. 

Dance/Fitness Studios 

It's critical that dancers can hear the timing of the music, as well as the instructions. They are typically in a strip mall and commonly sharing walls with other businesses. 



Acoustic panels, when introduced to the classroom, catch and capture the echoes. Background noise are managed and kept to a minimum, which allows communication easier, and the classroom becomes a healthy learning environment. 


Acoustic panels will help with high levels of crowd noise, vocal instructions, and speaker systems. 


Proper auditorium acoustic that are applied to the perimeter walls and ceiling can improve the sound quality inside the auditorium. Your goal is to produce equal premium sound quality for everyone, no matter where they happen to be seated. 

Healthcare Facilities 

Acoustic Panels will help to reduce echoes and create great sound quality within a room. They will also prevent sound from passing through shared walls, maintaining the privacy that your patients deserve.

Religious Organizations

Proper sound treatment will increase and improve the sound quality in you space. 

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